HSHD girl Welcome?

Just kidding…WELCOME! Welcome to The Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl Blog!

The Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl Blog is a refuge for smart girls and women who have done, are doing and will do dumb things in the name of “love”. It explores the factors that contribute to our heart-dumbness, using personal stories and stories from pop culture (TV, movies, music, etc.) as case studies. The blog was inspired by the first book in the Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl series, Just because he says you’re beautiful….

The aim of The Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl Blog is two-fold:

1) To serve as a place where head-smart/heart-dumb girls and women can commiserate, and…
2) To raise smart girls’ and women’s heart-IQ to the genius level of their head-IQ!

The posts on this blog were originally written between September 2013 and September 2014; therefore, The Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl Blog presently functions as an archive. (Like a blog channel of Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl re-runs.) Nevertheless, the blog posts are just as fresh, witty and insightful today as they were then. (Like Seinfeld.) Enjoy!


Stephanie enamored of Mr. Mouse.

Stephanie Rochelle Redd (pictured above) is the writer behind The Head-Smart/Heart-Dumb Girl Blog. She is also a recovering head-smart/heart-dumb girl who’s been burned by “love” and has lived to tell about it.

Stephanie uses her skill set as a writer to, first and foremost, express and embrace her authentic self, as well as empower teenage girls and young women to embrace their authentic selves.

For more information about Stephanie, her books, personal blog and other projects, visit StephanieRochelleRedd.com.

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